Dog Boarding Prices in the UK – How Much Does it Cost in 2024?

dog boarding pricesAre you considering boarding your dog while you are away on holiday or a work trip? With so many options like kennels, home boarders, and sitters available, how do you know what’s a fair price to pay to keep your furry friend happy and cared for? This guide breaks down average UK dog boarding rates in 2024 so you can budget and compare rates confidently.

As more pet owners need to travel without their four-legged companions, dog boarding demand rises across the UK. But day rates, overnight fees, and extra services like walks, playtime or required shots make comparing apple to apple challenging. Here we cover key pricing factors, typical ranges by service type, holiday/peak surcharges, discounts and questions to ask to estimate costs. Read on for advice on reasonable boarding rates so you can focus on finding the right loving fit.

What Impacts the Price of Dog Boarding in the UK?

The day rates and overnight fees for your dog accommodation can vary based on things like location, size/breed, amenities, vet services and the level of individualised care. As you estimate costs:

  • Ask what’s included – Food, walks, playgroup time vary greatly
  • Check holiday/peak fees – Surcharges like at Christmas can add 25-50%+
  • Mind the extras – Extra walks, medications or pickup fees boost real spend
  • Compare location rates – Costs usually higher in big cities like London

To help give price ranges you can expect to pay in 2024 across common UK dog boarding options, check the overview below.

Dog Boarding Costs by Type of UK Kennel or Carer

Traditional Boarding Kennels: £15-35 per night average

In Home Dog Boarding: £25-100+ per night average

Dog Sitting Visits: £10-15 per 30-minute visit

Doggy Daycare: £15-25 per full day average

Note these are general ranges – prices depend on many factors like location, peak times, your dog’s needs etc. Below we break down pricing in more detail by accommodation type.

Traditional Dog Boarding Kennel Pricing

Convenient kennels provide secure, climate-controlled boarding facilities with various amenities. Costs vary by desirability of features. Dogs sleep in individual pens or cages lined with cosy beds. Staff provide feeding, walks and relief breaks. Some have veterinary personnel on-site too.

What Impacts Traditional Boarding Kennel Pricing?

Key factors that influence cost:

  • Location & Popularity – Central London kennels charge a premium
  • Peak Times/Holidays – Expect surcharges for holidays like Christmas/Easter
  • Suite Size/Features – More space and niceties command higher rates
  • Group Play Time – Social “playgroup” time usually an added fee
  • Premium Services – Some offer grooming, training, vet exams for extra

How Much are Traditional Dog Boarding Kennels in the UK?

Average Costs:

  • Outer London Kennels: £20-30 per night
  • Central London Kennels: £30-45 per night
  • Non-London Kennels: £15-25 per night
  • Peak Surcharges: +£5-15 extra per night

Traditional Kennel Price Considerations

  • Multi-dog discount potential
  • Typical pick up fees: £10-15
  • Peak booking deposits: £25-50
  • Half-day rates may be available

So for a 7-night stay at a popular central London kennel over a Christmas holiday with optional playtime, fees for one dog may total £350-500+ for the week.