Dog Boarding Prices in the UK – How Much Does it Cost in 2024?

dog boarding pricesAre you considering boarding your dog while you are away on holiday or a work trip? With so many options like kennels, home boarders, and sitters available, how do you know what’s a fair price to pay to keep your furry friend happy and cared for? This guide breaks down average UK dog boarding rates in 2024 so you can budget and compare rates confidently.

As more pet owners need to travel without their four-legged companions, dog boarding demand rises across the UK. But day rates, overnight fees, and extra services like walks, playtime or required shots make comparing apple to apple challenging. Here we cover key pricing factors, typical ranges by service type, holiday/peak surcharges, discounts and questions to ask to estimate costs. Read on for advice on reasonable boarding rates so you can focus on finding the right loving fit.