The Story of WoofConnect

Like many notions and successful ventures, WoofConnect came into existence as a solution to a routine problem. This is how our partnership with the Le Woef Foundation materialised. For many years, this foundation has been saving dogs from the appalling conditions in Romania. To carry on with this noble work, Le Woef Foundation seeks adoptive families in the Netherlands where the rescued dogs can lead a long, joyful life. Frequently, these families requested a trustworthy holiday location for their dogs.

One day, during a dog walk, Kelly, an adopter from the Le Woef Foundation, encountered Tom. As luck would have it, Tom had also adopted a dog from the Le Woef Foundation, and his dog was exactly 9 months old, just like Kelly’s. The dogs looked identical and after a few seconds of sniffing, they began playing together with joy. They were both medium-sized, athletically built dogs of the same age, hence they had the same energy level.

Kelly and Tom started conversing and found they got on quite well. The common ground of choosing similar dogs from the same foundation built a connection between them. Kelly mentioned that she hadn’t yet taken a holiday because she hadn’t found a suitable place for her dog. Upon hearing her address, Tom mentioned he lived in the same neighbourhood and offered to look after Kelly’s dog if required. He thought it would not only be enjoyable for himself but also for his dog who would have a playmate to expend energy with.

For Kelly, this was a blessing, and following a successful trial night, she assured Tom that his dog was always welcome to stay at her place when he was on holiday.

Through our connections with the Le Woef Foundation, we learnt about this incident. We recognised that this connection could be a solution for many people facing the same dilemma: finding loving in-home dog care. This inspired the idea of creating a platform for all these dog owners to find their perfect match in their neighbourhood. Our Mission

Before launching WoofConnect, we thoroughly examined the issue of finding loving in-home dog care. The “Corona years” led to a significant rise in the number of dog owners in the Netherlands and other countries, resulting in a heightened demand for care. While previously people often relied on family and friends, now there is more exploration for alternatives in the market. Few people wish to leave their dog in an impersonal kennel. Despite the kennels’ efforts to provide affectionate care for the dogs, these places are often overcrowded, leading to incidents.

Our aim is to give every dog owner the chance to find loving in-home care for their dog. A place where the dog forms a vital part of daily life and has a playmate. Everyone who utilises WoofConnect is not only seeking care but also offers themselves to care for the other party’s dog.

This forms a Win-Win situation for the entire family!

Our Platform

WoofConnect is offered in the form of a mobile phone app and is compatible with both Google Android devices and Apple IOS devices (iPhones). For this, we use the Flutter development platform. Our website is built in WordPress and is hosted super fast by