WoofConnect: Free, Homely Dog Boarding Experience in Bath

In the picturesque city of Bath, set amidst the rolling Somerset hills, WoofConnect emerges as a pioneering service in dog boarding. This app provides a unique alternative to the usual kennel experience, offering a warm ‘home away from home’ for your beloved pet. Bid farewell to expensive and distant kennels – WoofConnect in Bath presents a caring, complimentary alternative.

Finding Joy in Dog Home Boarding in Bath

A Personal Touch to Home Boarding: WoofConnect excels at finding a sitter who will consider your dog’s individual needs. It’s about more than just providing shelter; it’s about ensuring they have fun, receive plenty of hugs, and get bespoke care. Our service in Bath is designed to offer your pet a pleasurable and enriching stay.

Building Dog Friendships: In Somerset, WoofConnect specialises in matching dogs with similar breeds and temperaments. This approach allows your pet to forge new friendships with compatible companions, leading to enjoyable times filled with play and social activities.

Affordable and Convenient: The cost of traditional dog kennels in Bath can be prohibitive. WoofConnect offers an innovative, cost-effective option. Our network of sitters in Bath and the nearby area of Bristol means convenient access for visits or updates, reducing travel stress for your pet.

Raising the Bar for Dog Sitting in Bath

A Cosy Retreat: Each sitter’s home in Bath through WoofConnect is a sanctuary of tranquillity and comfort. We ensure your dog has the finest stay possible, whether it’s for a short day visit or a longer period.

A Cozy Getaway for Your Pooch

Your furry companion can enjoy time in a garden, relax on a comfy bed, or engage in playful activities, all under the watchful eye of a skilled and caring dog sitter.