Dog Boarding Arlington: Discover WoofConnect, Your Dog’s Home Away From Home


Finding reliable, affordable dog boarding can be a major headache for pet parents in Arlington. Between sky-high kennel costs and the anxiety of leaving your furry friend in an unfamiliar place, it’s enough to make you dread any upcoming trip or work obligation. But now, there’s a revolutionary new solution that will change the way you think about dog boarding forever: introducing WoofConnect.

A Loving, Tail-Wagging Alternative to Pricey Kennels

At WoofConnect, we realized pet parents in Arlington desperately needed an alternative to the traditional dog boarding model. Let’s face it – most kennels are expensive, sterile environments that stress your dog out. And even if you can foot the $45-$75 per night bill, it doesn’t quite feel right leaving your precious pup in a place like that.

That’s why we created an app that connects local dog owners for free pet sitting exchanges. No more handing Fido over to a staff in an unfamiliar facility. With WoofConnect, your dog gets to stay in a real home with someone who will give them the same love and care you do!

Bringing Arlington Heights’ Dog Lovers Together

The WoofConnect community is made up of devoted pet parents just like you. We know your dog is more than a pet – they’re part of the family! When you join WoofConnect, you’ll meet neighbors who treat your dog like one of their own.

Our intuitive app matches you with fellow owners of the same breed and similar age. This helps dogs form an instant bond during their homestay. No more stressful, lonely boarding experience for your pup. At WoofConnect, they’ll feel right at home!