The Ultimate Guide to Long-Term Dog Boarding and Kennels for Extended Stay

long term dog boardingGoing on vacation but can’t bring your furry friend? Long term dog boarding is the perfect solution to give your dog an exciting extended stay while you’re away.

When you need to board your dog for more than a few days or weeks, finding the right long term boarding facility is key to ensuring your pup stays happy and healthy. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about long term dog boarding including how to choose the best location, what to expect, and how to prepare your dog for a fun, stress-free stay.

What is Long Term Dog Boarding?

Long term dog boarding refers to boarding a dog for an extended period of time, usually more than 2-3 weeks. This gives dog owners a comfortable boarding solution when they need to travel for an extended work trip, military deployment, or other long-term absence.

Long term boarding keeps your dog in a safe, enriching environment while you’re gone for weeks or months, eliminating the stress of finding temporary solutions or relying on friends and family. Reputable facilities are specially equipped to handle long stays.

How Long Can You Board a Dog?

Most standard overnight boarding facilities accommodate stays from one night up to two weeks. But when you need to board your dog for a month or longer, you’ll want to look for specialty long term boarding.

Reputable long term dog boarding facilities can accommodate stays ranging from one month to upwards of half a year. Some may even allow indefinite long term stays if needed.

What Should I Look for in a Long Term Boarding Facility?

When boarding your beloved pup for an extended time, the facility you choose is extremely important. Here are the top things to look for in a long term dog boarding facility:

Safety and Cleanliness

This should be the number one priority in any boarding facility. Look for modern facilities that are clean, climate-controlled, well-ventilated, and have 24/7 supervision and security. There should be protocols for pet health, hygiene and safety.

Size and Space

Make sure the facility has enough indoor and outdoor space to accommodate all dogs comfortably. Your dog should have plenty of room to play and exercise. Larger facilities designed especially for long term boarding are best suited to handle month+ stays.

Qualified Staff

The staff should have training and experience caring for dogs. They should give updates about your dog during the long stay and address any concerns. Look for engaged staff instead of bored teenagers just doing a job.

Customized Care

A quality facility will get to know your dog’s unique needs, personality and behaviors. They’ll adhere to your pup’s normal routine for feeding, potty breaks, exercise and playtime. This level of customized care reduces stress.

Enrichment and Fun

From playgrounds and splash pads to toys and cuddle time, the facility should provide mental and physical enrichment. Fun group play and one-on-one attention from staff gives your dog stimulation and socialization.

How Do I Prepare My Dog for Long Term Boarding?

Booking the perfect facility is step one. Step two is preparing your furry friend for their upcoming long vacation away from home:

  • Do Trial Runs: Ease separation anxiety by doing practice overnight stays before extended boarding.
  • Maintain Routines: Keep feeding, walking and play routines consistent leading up to the stay.
  • Pack Familiar Items: Bring your dog’s regular toys, treats, bed and anything else that smells like home.
  • No Shock Departures: Avoid suddenly disappearing without notice, which can be confusing.
  • Exercise Before Drop-Offs: Tire them out to curb restless energy.
  • Stay Calm Yourself: If you get anxious, your dog will too. Remain happy and confident at drop-off.

What Should I Expect from Long Term Dog Boarding?

When you choose a quality long term boarding facility that makes your dog’s comfort and happiness a top concern, you can expect:

  • Regular Photo or Video Updates
  • Daily Exercise and Playtime
  • Monitoring for Signs of Stress
  • Fun Games, Toys and Enrichment
  • Socialization with Other Dogs
  • Adherence to Special Care Needs
  • Basic Training Reinforcement
  • Peace of Mind While You’re Away

The best facilities will treat your dog like part of their family. Some even offer live video streaming so you can tune in anytime to say hi!

How Much Does Long Term Dog Boarding Cost?

Long term boarding costs more than a few overnight stays, but it’s often cheaper than multiple short-term bookings. Expect to pay $25-50 per day for long term stays. Many places offer discounts for month+ stays. Extra services like private playtimes, training refreshers and grooming add to the costs.

While not cheap, boarding your dog long term at a stellar facility gives them nonstop fun instead of boredom at home alone. And it gives you assurance they’re safe, healthy and happy while you focus on your trip!

Finding the Right Long Term Boarding Facility

Ask Around for Recommendations

Talk to other pet owners, check sites like Yelp, see what groomers and vets recommend. Word of mouth goes far in identifying truly exceptional boarding.

Book Early

For peak seasons like summer, plan 6-12 months out for the best boarding spots. Premium facilities often fill quickly.

Do Thorough Research

Once you have a few potential facilities in mind, dig deeper and thoroughly vet each option. Schedule tours in-person. Ask questions. Assess which place seems most qualified to care for your pup long-term.

Trust Your Gut

Instinct matters when entrusting your furry family member’s care over a long absence. ultimately choose the place with competent, caring staff and a clear passion for pets.

Long Term Boarding FAQs

Still have some lingering questions about long term dog boarding? Here are answers to some common queries:

What if my dog gets anxious or stressed? Professional long term boarding staff are trained to detect and respond to signs of stress in dogs. Soothing anxiety quickly is a top priority.

Can my dog board with family/friends instead? While an option for some, few people can commit to weeks+ of pet care. Boarding ensures reliable, 24/7 care catered to your dog’s needs.

What if my dog gets sick or injured? Reputable facilities have protocols for pet illnesses and injuries, including overnight staff monitoring. Many partner with nearby veterinary hospitals too.

Do dogs enjoy boarding? Yes – dogs are incredibly social animals. Quality boarding resembles endless playdates with canine pals, fun toys and loving caretakers. Many dogs love boarding!

When should I pick my dog up? Most facilities require pick-up during standard daytime hours. Avoid late night or overnight stays upon returning from your trip if possible to ease your dog’s transition.

Give Your Dog the Best Staycation Ever

Next time you’re planning a long work trip or vacation without your faithful companion, consider the exciting possibility of long term dog boarding over periodic pet-sitters.

An enriching month+ getaway gives your dog nonstop play, attention and affection from adoring staff. And it gives you total peace of mind while you focus on your own trip!

Do your research to find a premier facility that will cater to your dog’s every need. Prepare your pup both mentally and physically for their unexpected staycation. Then get ready to enjoy tons of picture updates of your BFF living their best life while you’re gone!

Here’s a recap of some key points:

  • Long term dog boarding provides safe, extended care solutions for month+ trips
  • Look for cleaned, modern facilities with space, staff and amenities to keep dogs happy
  • Pre-boarding preparation eases separation anxiety
  • Enrichment and socialization prevents boredom
  • Reputable long term boarding staff become canine caretakers
  • Booking early ensures your dog gets the best vacation ever!

So don’t stress about your upcoming plans. Let an amazing boarding facility give your dog all the fun, attention and love they’ll relish while you’re away!