Your Complete Handbook for Long-Term Dog Boarding and Kennels

long term dog boarding

If you need to be away and can’t take your dog along, finding the right place for them to stay is key. Let’s explore how to choose the best long-term dog boarding facility, what to expect, and how to prepare your dog for a fun, worry-free stay.

Understanding Long-Term Dog Boarding

Long-term dog boarding means your dog stays at a facility for a few weeks or more. It’s perfect for when you have to travel for work, military duties, or any other long-term commitment. These facilities make sure your dog is safe and happy, offering a stable environment instead of short-term solutions or relying on friends and family for help.

It’s important to find a great place for your dog to stay during these times. The best facilities are designed for longer stays, ensuring your dog is well taken care of.

How Long Can You Board a Dog?

Usually, you can board your dog from one night to two weeks. But if you need more than a month, look for facilities that specialize in long-term care. Some places let your dog stay for as long as six months or more, depending on your needs.

What Should I Look for in a Long-Term Boarding Facility?

When choosing where your dog will stay, consider these key factors:

Safety and Cleanliness

The facility should be clean and safe, with controlled temperatures, fresh air, and 24-hour supervision. It should have good security and policies to ensure every pet is well cared for.

Size and Space

Make sure the facility is spacious, with plenty of room for your dog to play and stay active. Larger places are often better equipped for longer stays.

Qualified Staff

The staff should be experienced in dog care. They should keep you updated on your pet’s well-being and handle any issues that arise. Choose a place with dedicated, passionate staff.

Customized Care

The facility should cater to your dog’s individual needs and routine. This includes their feeding schedule, bathroom breaks, exercise, and playtime. Personalized care helps reduce stress.

Enrichment and Fun

Look for a place that offers various activities, play areas, toys, and personal interaction. These features keep your dog mentally and physically engaged and happy.

What to Expect with Long-Term Dog Boarding

The best facilities will make your dog feel like they’re at a second home. You might even see them via live video streams when you miss them!

The Cost of Extended Dog Boarding

Long-term boarding is more costly than short stays but usually offers better value than multiple short visits. Prices typically range from $25 to $50 per day for longer stays. Remember, extra services like one-on-one playtime or training may cost more.

How to Choose the Best Long-Term Boarding for Your Dog

Get Tips from Others

Talk to other dog owners, read reviews online, and consult with groomers and vets to find the best facilities.

Reserve Your Spot Early

During busy times like holidays or summer, book your spot well in advance as popular facilities fill up quickly.

Dive into Research

Visit potential places, ask questions, and choose the one that feels right for your dog’s extended stay.

Trust Your Instincts

Your gut feeling is important. Choose a place where the staff loves animals and provides excellent care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Extended Dog Boarding

  • What if my dog gets anxious? Staff know how to calm stressed dogs and keep them comfortable.
  • Can my dog stay with friends or family? While possible, professional facilities offer consistent, specialized care.
  • What happens if my dog gets sick or injured? Good facilities have procedures for medical issues and often have vets on call.
  • Do dogs like boarding? Yes, most dogs enjoy the social interaction and activities at boarding facilities.

Offer Your Dog an Unforgettable Staycation

Choosing long-term boarding over occasional pet visits provides your dog with continuous play, attention, and care. This peace of mind allows you to focus on your responsibilities while knowing your dog is having a great time.

Find the best kennel, prepare your dog for their stay, and look forward to seeing all the fun they’re having through updates and photos. This ensures your dog has a wonderful time while you’re away, and you can enjoy your trip without worry.