5 Key Benefits of Dog Boarding While You’re Away

Do you feel guilty leaving your furry friend behind when traveling or working long stretches? While no one takes better care of your pup than you, utilizing pet sitters or boarding facilities while away does offer major advantages over leaving dogs home alone all day and night.

This article explores the top benefits quality boarding provides from socialization, reliable supervision, reassuring owners, fitness and enrichment opportunities. We’ll also cover how reputable facilities handle administering medications, mobility issues, anxious dogs with special needs and emergency protocols.

Discover why a kennel or pet sitter stay gives many pet parents welcomed peace of mind while out of town. Your four-legged family members deserve plenty of care and attention even when you can’t personally provide it.

benefits dog boarding

Benefit 1: Socialization and Play Opportunities

As sociable pack animals, dogs crave regular interaction and playtime with fellow canines. At home while owners work or travel, pets battle boredom and loneliness sprawled on the couch. Facilities solve this through scheduled group play interludes. At supervised daycares or boarding kennels, pups romp together burning mental and physical energy. Facilities carefully temperament match to ensure safe play.

Through play, dogs build social skills, agility and appropriate behaviors communicating with each other. Owners benefit returning home to more stimulated, well-adjusted pets.

Benefit 2: Reliable Care and Supervision

Leaving animals unsupervised for long work shifts or trips risks household accidents and injuries. Reputable facilities offer reliable care protecting your dog’s health and safety. At staffed kennels, trained attendants monitor pets direct during the day assisted by cameras overnight.

For overnight boarding, your pup never stays alone preventing accidents like:

  • Counter surfing/food poisoning
  • Destructive anxiety behaviors
  • Escaping outdoors

You also avoid rushing home worried your dog is overdue for a potty break or medication dose. Accountable pet sitters may house sit too. Qualified oversight brings welcomed peace of mind while traveling.

Benefit 3: Reassurance Communicating Any Health Emergencies

Unfortunately, unexpected veterinary issues like limps, rashes or stomach bugs can arise even at quality facilities. However, a benefit over leaving dogs home alone is that attentive staff quickly spots symptoms and alerts owners.

Reputable providers require emergency contact info and pet health histories. Backed by their vets, caring attendants continually monitor boarding dogs. If concerns emerge, transparent communication and advice on next steps reassures owners during the stressful situation. Facilities handle urgently transporting pets to their clinic avoiding dangerous declines or delays.

Benefit 4: Adequate Exercise & Enrichment

While some owners hire dog walkers during trips, many worry over missed activity leaving pets home for extended periods. The joy of facilities is the emphasis on keeping your energetic hound exercised through outdoor bathroom breaks, playtimes with other dogs and even enrichment like wading pools, agility equipment or toys.

Make sure to inquire about their schedule for daily fitness and stimulation opportunities relative to your breed’s energy demands. Mellow pups may only require a brief bathroom walk while lively herd dogs need heavier activity exemptions to stay balanced.

Releasing pent-up energy keeps your dog healthier mentally and physically than being cooped up inside for days during your absence. They return home pleasantly worn out!

Benefit 5: Handling Diverse Special Care Needs

Reputable facilities employ knowledgeable staff versed in administering medications, assisting mobility-limited pets, managing anxious/fearful dogs and handling diverse health issues.

Speak candidly with management about your dog’s separation anxiety tendencies, experience with other canines, mobility challenges requiring slings/ramps/bedding and related special requirements.

Top-notch boarding centers tailor their environment through:

  • Separate play groups by temperament
  • Solo or 1-on-1 play if needed
  • Familiarizing anxious pets to the facility beforehand
  • Accommodating joint supplements, pills, special veterinary diets etc.

Don’t assume your dog’s needs exceed a provider’s capabilities or wait until drop-off to discuss issues. Reach out beforehand to find the best personalized fit for your pup.

An Alternative: Choosing WoofConnect for Free Dog Home Boarding

While most dogs enjoy play at daycares and interaction with caring staff, some sensitive dogs grow highly stressed in crowded kennels. An option better matching their needs is choosing home boarding through the WoofConnect app.

Key perks of WoofConnect:

  • No large facility, personalized care in a home
  • Less fearful and overwhelmed without crowds
  • Matched with an owner familiar with breed needs
  • Flexible meeting health issues and required medication

For the right pup, home boarding avoids overstimulation some dogs experience at even the best traditional centers.

Boarding Your Dog Has Many Upshots

As we’ve covered, while no one loves your dog more than you do providing round-the-clock care, finding reputable boarding facilities offers measurable benefits compared to leaving pets home alone. Through attentive care and enrichment from staff and playmates, dogs gain needed activity, reassurance if sick and escape boredom and separation distress triggered when owners travel.

Do your due diligence researching nearby providers, but take comfort that excellent pet care resources are available when you must be away. Partners like kennels and sitters allow you to focus on relaxing trips or productive work knowing your fur kid is in good hands while you’re gone!