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WoofConnect Stockton

Hello, loving dog parents in Stockton! Imagine you’re ready for a welldeserved break, but then your dog gives you those pleading “You’re not leaving me, are you?” eyes. It makes your heart waver, doesn’t it? And the thought of steep prices at local dog kennels anywhere between $40 and $60 a dayis downright daunting. That adds up to an enormous $280 to $420 if you’re gone for a week! Plus, considering those kennels can feel pretty cold and impersonal, it feels like a lot of money for not a lot of warmth. But guess what? There’s another option right here in Stockton where your beloved pooch can stay somewhere they’ll be treated with affection and won’t cost you a dime. Say hello to WoofConnect dog boarding, the heartfelt answer from our community for your dogsitting needs!

Picture the Perfect, Snug Retreat for Your Pooch in Stockton

Driven by a love for dogs and a commitment to creating the perfect home away from home for your pet, our goal is to match your pup with a fellow local dog owner who has a furry pal of the same breed and age. This means your dog can enjoy playdates with a new buddy that’s just like them.

Join a Group of Dog Enthusiasts Who Get It

Dogs that are the same breed and in the same stage of life just seem to click instantly. At WoofConnect in Stockton, we use this special bond to make sure your pet has a comfortable and happy stay.

Within our lively circle of dogowners, your pooch will meet a playmate whose zest for life and traits are a perfect fit. Picture the tailwagging fun they’ll share! And for those mellow, older dogs who prefer relaxing to romping around, we’ll pair them up with someone who cherishes quiet time just as much.