Free Dog Boarding in Johnson City at a Caring Home

dog boarding Johnson City

Are you getting ready for a vacation but need someone to take care of your dog in Johnson City, Tennessee? WoofConnect is here to help! This wonderful option gives you free dog boarding in a warm home environment. Your pup will get the special care they need and can stick to their usual habits. Lots of dog owners think this is better than a regular dog kennel in Johnson City because it’s safer and more comforting for their four-legged buddies. With WoofConnect’s app service in Johnson City, all you have to do is use the app to find the perfect place for your pooch while you’re not around.

Meet Other Owners for Dog Boarding in Johnson City

WoofConnect makes it easy for dog parents to find each other and arrange dog boarding. You can discover neighbors with dogs just like yours by breed and age, which means they will likely get along well since they understand each other and have the same amount of pep.

Avoid the Pricey and Cold Dog Kennel

Why pay as much as $50 per day at a dog kennel in Johnson City when WoofConnect offers homey, free dog boarding? A week at a kennel can set you back between $200 and $350, and private pet sitters might cost more than that. Choose WoofConnect instead, and give your dog a safe and snug home away from home.