WoofConnect: Free Dog Boarding in Cleveland – A Vacation for Your Dog

Dog boarding Cleveland

Have you ever wondered where to leave your dog when you’re on vacation or just out of town for a few days? Finding a good place for your pet in Cleveland isn’t easy. It’s hard to imagine your doggy spending time in a cold and pricey dog boarding facility in Cleveland. But imagine if your dog could have a nice, homey break while you’re not there. This is where WoofConnect comes in, offering a great solution for dog boarding in Cleveland. We locate local dog lovers with doggies similar to yours to provide mutual daycare for free. You look after their dogs, they look after yours, and it doesn’t cost anything. This is what sets our

WoofConnect: A New Friend for Your Dog in Cleveland

We aim to match you with local dog owners like yourself. When dogs of the same breed and age hang out, they often get along well and have fun together.

Cage-Free, Full of Love Dog Boarding – A Slice of Heaven for Dogs in Northeast Ohio

Disregard old-style kennels with cages, think doggy day care instead. WoofConnect links you up with pet owners in Cleveland who open their homes for cage-free dog boarding. There, your doggies can socialize, enjoy outdoor play, and receive individual care in a home-like setting. It’s not your regular boarding service; it’s like having another family for your dog in the heart of the city.

Trade Expensive Kennels for Complimentary Dog Boarding in Cleveland

Normal dog kennels around Cleveland can hit your wallet hard. When you see the friendly, free service that WoofConnect offers, it’s no wonder dog owners here are choosing us. We don’t charge for our homestyle boarding, which even includes extra treats and sleepovers!