WoofConnect Dog Boarding Beaverton: Community-Focused Dog Care

dog boarding Beaverton

Hey dog owners! Are you planning a trip but feeling sad about leaving your furry friend behind? Worried about the high costs of dog kennels in Beaverton, usually ranging from $35 to $55 per day? For a week, that can add up to $200 to $350! Kennels can also feel a bit impersonal. What if there was a place where your dog could stay that felt like family? Welcome to WoofConnect, your friendly dog boarding option in Beaverton!

Imagine a Cozy Spot for Dogs in Beaverton

Think of WoofConnect dog boarding as a fun party just for dogs! We connect you with other dog lovers in Beaverton who want to create a cozy, happy spot for your pet. We help you find another dog owner nearby with a dog similar in breed and age to yours. This way, your dog can make a great new friend!

Meet Dog Owners Who Understand

When dogs of the same breed and similar ages meet, they often become fast friends. At WoofConnect, we use this natural bond to ensure your dog has a wonderful, relaxed time. Our community is full of dog enthusiasts. Your pet will find a buddy who matches their energy and personality. If your dog prefers quieter days, we’ll pair them with a friend who loves peace and quiet too.