WoofConnect, Elevating Dog Boarding in Erie

in-home dog boarding

Planning a vacation or a short getaway often presents the challenge of finding a good place to leave your beloved dog. The common choices usually include putting them in a kennel, which can be cold and distant, and often expensive. WoofConnect is changing this situation in Erie by introducing an original and communityoriented solution that significantly improves traditional dog boarding. Our platform ensures that your dog isn’t just placed in any boarding facility but is welcomed into the homes of passionate dog lovers who will care for your pet as if it were their own.

Tailoring a Homey Boarding Experience Overflowing with Compassion and Personalized Care

WoofConnect’s mission in Erie is to change how people view and undertake dog boarding. We carefully match your dog with hosts who are true animal lovers. These hosts are dedicated to providing a nurturing space where your pet can feel safe and loved. This ensures your dog’s stay is full of affection, care, and the comfort of a real home

Affordable Boarding Options, No More High Kennel Costs

Typically, boarding your dog at a kennel in Erie can be costly, with prices usually ranging from $50 to $70 each day. If you’re looking at a week’s stay, the total might reach or exceed $490a significant hit to any budget. WoofConnect presents an attractive alternative with our innovative exchange service. Through this offering, boarding your dog doesn’t have to be expensive. Your dog can enjoy a caring home environment without any charges, helping you save money while ensuring topnotch care for your furry friend.