Discovering WoofConnect: The New Face of Free Dog Boarding in Surrey

dog boarding Surrey

When you’re planning a trip and have a dog, you might wonder, “Who can look after my dog?” The thought of leaving your beloved furry buddy in a pricey, cold kennel can be really upsetting. For folks living in Surrey, this worry is even bigger because usually, you’d pay $40 to $60 each day for a kennel. But that’s where WoofConnect comes in, offering something different. At our dog boarding app in Surrey, we make sure your dog stays in a caring environment that feels just like home.

Creating Pawsome Friendships: Matching Up Dogs for Playdates

WoofConnect is all about making great friendships between dogs in Surrey. Our service helps dogs and their owners meet other dog parents with the same type of dog. With WoofConnect, your dog can find an identical playmate who speaks their special dog language and matches their play energy.

The Special Touch of WoofConnect: Homey Care for Your Pup

Forget about the old-school, dull kennels. WoofConnect believes in giving your dog a cozy place that feels like home. We pair every pet with a local dog sitter who knows what your specific breed needs and gets your dog’s unique personality. WoofConnect focuses on creating a secure and affectionate space where dogs naturally feel relaxed and welcome.