Change the Game with WoofConnect in Rochester, NY: A Cozy Take on Dog Boarding

dog boarding Rochester NY WoofConnectFinding good-quality, yet pocket-friendly dog care in Rochester, NY might seem tough. The usual boarding fees lie between $45 to $85 for a day – add that up and the total bill for a week could hurt your budget at $350 to $550. But now there’s WoofConnect, bringing an affordable and comfortable option to the table.

Creating a Circle of Dog Enthusiasts in Rochester

WoofConnect’s mission is simple: to build a network of people in Rochester who love dogs as much as you do. Our platform offers a dog-sitting swap service that doesn’t cost a single dime. By considering important details such as the dog’s breed, age, and activity level, we make sure your pet pairs up with someone who can offer them a safe and fun home-away-from-home experience.

Making Dog Boarding Feel Like Home in Rochester

At the heart of WoofConnect dog boarding Rochester is the strong connection between you and your pup. We’re here to ensure they get the same level of affection and attention they’re used to when you’re not around. Rather than putting them in a cage, your canine will be hosted by another local dog lover where they’ll be surrounded by warmth and familiarity. Our policy means your buddy gets to hang out in a caring place feeling calm and connected.