How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost? A Guide to Pet Boarding Rates

dog boarding pricesDo you need to leave your furry friend for a few days but don’t know where to board them or how much it will cost? With prices varying widely, it’s important to understand the typical pet boarding rates and what’s included. This guide covers everything you need to know about the cost to board your dog.

Boarding your dog allows them to stay in a comfortable, stimulating environment while giving you peace of mind that their basic needs are met. But between traditional kennels, veterinarian boarding, and full-service pet resorts – prices range drastically. Keep reading to learn what impacts the boarding cost per night and how to find the best value to suit your budget.

What Type of Dog Boarding is Available?

There are a few popular options pet owners utilize when boarding their dogs:


Traditional kennels offer the basic necessities like individual spaces, regular feedings and outdoor time. With costs typically $20-$50 per night, kennels provide an affordable way to board one dog. However, keep in mind that kennel boarding tends to be noisier and less personalized.

Veterinarian Boarding

Many veterinarian hospitals and clinics offer boarding services catered to medical needs. Although daily medication administration or specialized care comes at an additional fee. Expect to pay a premium – often $50 per night or more.

Pet Hotels/Resorts

For pet parents wanting extra amenities, pet hotels and resorts provide boarding with bonuses like premium food, supervised playtime and grooming services. Plus, suites with home furnishings allow pups to settle in comfortably. But these amenities come at a cost with nightly rates ranging from $50-100.

Dog Boarding Options

  • Economical Boarding Options: These might include basic kennel services and could range from $25 to $50 per night.
  • Mid-Range Boarding Facilities: These often offer more amenities, such as larger individual kennels, more playtime, and possibly some personal care. Prices typically range from $50 to $75 per night.
  • Luxury Boarding Services: These high-end services can include private rooms, 24/7 webcam access, personalized attention, and additional activities. Prices can range from $75 to over $100 per night.

What Impacts the Cost to Board Your Dog?

Several key factors influence the nightly and total boarding rates, including:

Breed and Size

Larger breeds often require more physical space, which slightly increases the per night cost. Accommodating bigger pups means less dogs per facility too.

Peak Times

Major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Spring Break are peak boarding times. Some facilities charge premium holiday rates that can be 20% or more than typical prices.

Special Services

From specialized diets and medication administration to one-on-one playtime or grooming – add-ons personalized to your pup’s needs can add $5-$20+ per night.

Number of Dogs

Multi-pet discounts are commonly offered, usually 5-10% discount for a second pet from the same household. This helps lower the cost if boarding more than one furry friend.

By factoring in these cost considerations, you can better estimate the price to board your dog for a few nights or even weeks at a time.

10 Important Questions to Ask Before Booking Dog Boarding

Ready to book a stay while you’re away? Here are 10 key questions pet parents should ask any potential boarding facility or overnight sitter:

1. Is the Staff Trained and Qualified?

Ensuring staff is experienced caring for pets and properly trained is a top priority. Ask about employee backgrounds working with animals.

2. What Safety and Sanitation Measures are in Place?

Ask detailed questions about cleaning protocols for things like kennels, play areas and bowls. Plus check if the facility is monitored 24/7.

3. What Size Are the Kennels or Pet Suites?

Make sure your dog will have enough room to stand, lie down and turn around comfortably – especially for larger breeds.

4. Is the Environment Calm or Stimulating?

Some pups do better with more enrichment and playtime, while anxious dogs need a quieter setting. Pick what best fits your dog’s personality.

5. How Often Do Dogs Play or Get Walked?

Physical activity requirements vary greatly by breed, age and size. Make sure your dog’s needs are met.

6. What is Done to Manage Multi-Dog Interactions?

If housed in groups, ask how dogs are supervised and fights avoided. Some dogs do better one-on-one.

7. What Happens if My Dog Gets Sick or Injured?

Ask if veterinary care is provided on-site or at a partnering pet hospital. And who covers costs?

8. What Foods and Medications Do You Offer?

To keep their diet consistent, many facilities allow you to provide your dog’s food. Or they may offer premium options for an extra fee per meal.

9. Do You Require Vaccines Like Bordetella (Kennel Cough)?

Most facilities mandate specific shots to maintain a healthy environment when boarding multiple pups.

10. What Discounts Are Offered?

Ask if they offer multi-pet, military, long-stay or repeat customer discounts to help lower boarding costs.

Thoroughly vetting facilities upfront gives confidence your furry friend stays happy and most importantly – safe while boarded. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Open communication also allows the opportunity to discuss specialized care instructions so boarding is tailored to your pet’s unique needs.

5 Tips to Save on the Cost of Dog Boarding

Beyond choosing the right facility, a little planning can also minimize the nightly rates and total boarding bill. Here are 5 smart ways to save:

Book Early During Low Season

Peak summer travel times often come with premium holiday boarding rates. Save by making reservations well in advance during less busy seasons like Fall.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Ask upfront what weekly, monthly, repeat customer and multi-pet discounts are offered. Every % off helps trim the costs.

Consider Lower-Cost Options Like Dog Sitters

For shorter stays, an in-home dog sitter can save big bucks with rates often under $30 per night.

Bundle Extra Services Upfront

Some facilities offer better pricing on frequent extras like specialized diet meals, daily walks or one-on-one playtime if added when booking.

Split Long Stays Between Facilities

The nightly rate might decline after a 7 or 14 day stay. Savings add up splitting a long boarded stay between two facilities.

With average costs ranging widely from $20 to $100+ every night, it pays big dividends to shop around when you need to board your dog. While cutting corners to pinch pennies isn’t advisable, a little planning means your pet can stay at a quality, reputable facility that fits within your budget.

The most important thing is trusting your canine companion is safe, happy and receiving the best possible care in your absence. They’re part of the family after all! By asking the right questions and doing thorough research, pet parents can find the ideal boarding situation unique to their dog’s needs.

Key Takeaways on the Cost of Dog Boarding:

  • Traditional kennels charge $20-$50 per night for basic care and feeding. Veterinarian boarding and full-service pet resorts cost $50 or more nightly.
  • Breed, size, extra services and peak holiday dates impact the boarding rate too.
  • Ask detailed questions about safety standards, cleanliness, activities and staff before reserving a stay.
  • Booking early, bundling amenities and splitting long stays can help you save.

I hope this article gave you a better idea of the typical costs and options to consider when boarding your furry best friend! Let me know in the comments about your boarding experiences.