5 Top Alternatives to Traditional Dog Boarding

Planning a trip but feel guilty leaving your pup behind or sticking them in a crowded kennel? Luckily nowadays with the pet care industry booming, innovative alternatives exist beyond throwing your pooch in traditional doggie boarding facilities.

This article explores five options to consider from relying on family and friends, hiring pet sitters and walkers, utilizing doggie daycares, installing home tech tools and choosing home boarding services. We’ll outline the pros and cons of each so you can weigh the best solution for your fur baby while traveling.

Discover approaches providing personalized care, attention and affection so your dog feels right at home. Never stress over proper pet supervision again!

alternative to dog boarding

Alternative 1: Calling on Family and Friends as Dog Sitters

The most convenient and affordable option for many pet owners is asking family, close friends or trusted neighbors to pet sit during trips. If you have loved ones who adore your dog and are willing to host them for free, it solves the boarding dilemma.

Compared to 30-50$+ a night kenneling costs, caring family members represent serious savings! Your pup also avoids a sterile facility staying in their familiar environment. What’s not to love?

Just be mindful of imposing too frequently. Offer generous thank you gifts after. And confirm folks will properly feed, walk and give meds before committing your dog to their care.

Alternative 2: Hiring Professional House Sitters

Don’t want to burden family? Consider hiring professional house sitters caring for both home and pets while away. Experienced sitters treat the home like their own, often as a rent-free place to stay between jobs. So your home avoids standing vacant.

Vetted individuals take on mail collection, plant watering and security too. But importantly, they provide attentive pet sitting, walking, play time and Following any medication instructions. Pricing runs $45-90 a day.

Research sitters’ experience, read reviews and interview thoroughly before entrusting them with unsupervised access. But skilled individuals prove perfect pet guardians.

Alternative 3: In-Home Dog Sitting Services

If wanting pet care but also a house sitter on guard, in-home sitting services connect local independent contractors to clients for dog boarding and walking.

Sitters provide one-on-one play and walks at the client’s home. Pricing hovers around $25-40 per dog nightly. Some even house sit too!

The apps background check contractors and facilitate meet-and-greets before booking so owners find the right match caring for their beloved dogs.

Alternative 4: Dog Walking and Daycare Combination

While daycares traditionally provide group play and enrichment on weekdays, their staff also often pet sit after hours. This offers the best of both worlds!

Your pup enjoys supervised socialization and exercise on weekdays. Once the facility closes evenings, a trusted staff member provides personalized in-home evening/overnight care. No facility boarding needed!

Ask daycares near you if they offer this combination service. Pricing is very affordable compared to overnight boarding.

Alternative 5: Install Home Technology Solutions

For ultimate 24/7 pet monitoring without the human touch, install home technology aids like treat-release cameras, smart doorbells and automated food dispensers.

High-tech options add major convenience like:

  • Monitoring activity remotely
  • Two-way communication
  • Feeding and treat tossing from your phone
  • Motion alerts if your pet is distressed

While not equal to in-person pet sitters, tech gadgets provide helpful owner reassurance when away from home. Products start around $100-200.

Choosing  Free Home Boarding with WoofConnect

If you still need to physically leave your home but want personalized in-home pet sitting, the WoofConnect app matches local owners to swap free home boarding services while traveling.

Benefits provided by WoofConnect owners:

  • No facilities, one-on-one home care
  • Warm, less stressful environment
  • Tailored care catering to breed

For many dogs, avoiding facilities with unfamiliar dogs proves most comforting. Discover if WoofConnect’s home boarding model could be the perfect fit for your needs.

Many Options Beyond Kennels for Peace of Mind

As we’ve explored, viable alternatives exist beyond dumping your dog at the local kennel facility. Tap your community support recruiting family and friends to pet sit. Or utilize professional home and pet sitters. Doggy daycare workers might moonlight pet sit too.

Get creative embracing available technology to monitor your pup at home as well. And consider home boarding apps like WoofConnect to receive personalized care from a fellow pet owner.

With a little creative thinking, you need not force your tail-wagger into a noisy, crowded facility so you can relax on trips worry-free! Discuss the possibilities with nearby service providers to find your pet the perfect home away from home.