WoofConnect Transforming Dog Boarding in Fredericton – A Haven of Love for Your Dog

dog boarding Fredericton

Are you planning a vacation or just need some time off? Leaving your dog in a typical, cold kennel might make you feel uneasy. In Fredericton WoofConnect dog boarding in Fredericton is revolutionizing the way dogs are boarded by introducing a warm and inviting alternative. Our platform does more than just house your dog. it welcomes them into a vibrant community where they can make friends and receive care specifically suited to their breed, age, and temperament.

Home Like Boarding, Brimming with Care and Attention

At WoofConnect dog boarding, we believe that boarding should feel like a second home. In Fredericton, we pair your dog with enthusiastic pet enthusiasts who create a cozy, affectionate atmosphere. This ensures that your dog feels secure and loved throughout their stay with us. Such an environment turns ordinary boarding into a wonderful experience for your furry friend.

Say Goodbye to Loneliness, Fun and Friendship Await

We make sure dogs never feel alone at WoofConnect. Our hosts actively engage with each pet, fostering friendships between dogs that share similar interests and activity levels. This social interaction enriches their time with us, making their stay enjoyable and full of companionship.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Kennels – Try Free Dog Boarding

The costs of dog kennels in Fredericton can be steep, ranging from $45 to $65 daily, which adds up to as much as $455 for just a week. WoofConnect introduces an appealing alternative with our free dogsitting exchange service. This option allows your dog to enjoy home comforts without the high cost of traditional kennels.